Using EMOM For Better Travel Workouts

Looking for a fast, simple and real effective travel workout?

One of our go-to travel workouts that can be customized 100% based on the equipment you have, and your fitness level is using EMOM. EMOM, if you haven’t trained using it before, stands for ‘Every Minute On the Minute’.


Here’s and example on how EMOM works..

1) Start an exercise at the beginning of the minute mark, and perform, for example, 20 reps.

2) Then, if your 20 reps took you 35 seconds, rest the remainder of the minute which is 25 seconds, and repeat.


Using EMOM is also an awesome way to add density to your training, meaning you can get more quality work done in less time. The other great thing about using EMOM intervals is you can do them for strength, or conditioning, or both within the same workout.

As an example, here’s a 15:00 intermediate-advanced level EMOM workout that is both simple and effective when traveling.  Keeping in mind, to regress the difficultly, you could easily use Air Squats instead of Split Jumps, or even Incline Pushups instead of the Pushup Mountain Climber. And of course, you could also decrease, or increasing the reps each set to find the right intensity.

Full Body Workout: Intermediate-Advanced


#1. Alternating Split Jump [ 5 Sets, 10 / Leg ]



#2. Inverted Row - Straps [ 5 Sets, 20 Reps ]


#3.  Pushup Mountain Climber - Straps [5 Sets, 15 Reps]


So if you're looking for a short, and highly effective workout template when traveling, try using EMOM.

In the above example, with a 5 minute warmup, the total time is only about 20:00.

For a grand total of less then 2% of your entire day!


Have a great one,



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