Performance Academy

Our Performance Academy consists of functionally sound movement training, strength training and conditioning with a strong focus on fundamentals and proper technique.


Our Performance Academy has 7 main components;

Mulit-Directional Movement, Foot Work, Deceleration, Acceleration, Sprinting Form

Olympic Lifting, Plyometrics & Stabilization, Med Ball Training based on each athletes abilities

Quality Coaching, Functional Based Upper, Body, Lower Body & Core

Endurance for Game Readiness and Performance

Soft Tissue Work (Foam Rolling), Static & Active Stretching, Muscle Activation

Assess & Correct Muscular Imbalances, Range of Motion, Balance

Develop and Grow Confidence and Character, Positive & Energetic Atmosphere, Accountability


Our training also places a big emphasis on developing character, work ethic and growing confidence, all within a positive and energetic atmosphere.

Each program is adjusted for the athletes individual needs, abilities, and sport, while becoming progressively more challenging as each skill is mastered.

Each program is age and athlete specific and takes a complete approach to making each individual faster, stronger, more powerful, better conditioned, more injury resistant, and mentally tougher.

While at the same time, using competitive fun to enjoy the process of long term athletic development.

Athletes & Alumni

FAQ for Athletes & Parents!

What are the Registerstration Options? +

All our athlete registration is done online:

Online Registration


Below are the HS Registration options:

1X per Week: $260.00 + tax  ($225 Early Bird)
2X per Week: $440.00 + tax  ($395 Early Bird)
3X per Week: $540.00 + tax  ($495 Early Bird)

Below are the MS Registration options:

1X per Week: $240.00 + tax  ($200 Early Bird)
2X per Week: $420.00 + tax  ($365 Early Bird)


* Payment options include Visa or MasterCard only

* Pro athletes - please contact us for our custom plan options

* Registrations are paid in full and are non refundable

* Family discounts are applied by us after registration is complete (10% for 1 family member, 15% for 2)

* Registration Discount?  Ask us about our Refer-an-athlete program and earn 2 weeks free!

What Age Athletes Can Train? +

Our Performance Academy has 3 main categories:

Middle School (MS) 10, 11, 12 YO's

High School (HS) 13, 14, 15, 16, YO's

Pro, Junior, College  (17+)

All programs are personalized to each athlete's abilities, needs, age and goals. Also, all Sessions are led by our qualified coaches to allow maximum attention to detail.

How Many Weeks is the Program? +

Training Plans within our Performance Academy are 12 weeks with 4 training blocks each year.

Winter Dec 17 - March 2

Spring March 4 - May 25

Summer May 27 - Aug 24

Fall Aug 26 - Nov 24


Please Note:

  • To provide extra flexibility with scheduling, each 12 week training plan comes with 1 bonus week. Our bonus week is designed to provide each athlete with 1 extra week to makeup any missed Sessions from their 12 weeks - if needed. Our bonus week occurs the week right after week 12.


  • Any missed sessions expire after our bonus week, and cannot be carried forward.
Do Athletes all Train Together? +

Yes all athletes train together in a small group format either in our MS, HS or Pro groups.

This greatly helps each athlete's development given their age, and the stage of their long term athletic development.


How Does Scheduling Work? +

Scheduling for our Performance Academy features Flex-Scheduling.

Flex-Scheduling allows each athlete to attend training Sessions on different days, or times, week-by-week if needed, based on our schedule options. This is all done by the athlete/parents through our online calendar.

Our Flex-Scheduling also allows athletes to attend Sessions in different frequencies each week - if needed. This creates additional flexibility to suit an athlete’s sport and/or families scheduling needs.

For example:

Are you traveling for 2 weeks?

Simply use the Sessions you miss during your travels beforehand, or afterwards.

Keeping in mind all Sessions expire after our bonus 13th week.


What are the Scheduling Options for MS Athletes? +

Schedule Options:

Wednesday 5:30-6:30pm

Friday 4:30-5:30pm


* 1X or 2X / Week available

* 60:00 Sessions

* Complete training schedule found on our Online Calendar

What are the Scheduling Options for HS Athletes? +

Schedule Options:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday's 6:30-8:00pm

Saturday's 10:30-12:00pm


* 1X or 2X / Week available

* 90:00 Sessions

* Complete training schedule found on our Online Calendar


When do Sessions Expire? +

All Sessions expire after our bonus 13th week. Any unused Sessions cannot be carried forward.

Is there an Installment Option? +

We currently do not have an installment option.

Where is Athletic One Located? +

Our facility is located at 605 Prospect Street Suite 401, Fredericton NB.

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