Build a Better Core in Less Time

Want a shortcut to a better core?


> Add more single arm exercises into your programming

For example, here are two of our favorite single arm movements that when done right, create a big core and hip benefit.

Generally, we like to put these movements into the mid-to-end of a workout using 8-10 reps with a slow, controlled tempo.

Enjoy the burn!



Coaching Tips:

  1. Stay square and fight the twist in your torso
  2. Keep shoulders blades pinched together down and back
  3. For 1 leg progressions, keep your knee bent, flex your leg/glutes and pull toes to shins
  4. Touch elbow to the floor each rep


Coaching Tips:

  1. Set the bench to approximately a 45 degree angle
  2. Stay square and fight the twist in your torso
  3. Aim to keep your feet no wider then shoulder width apart

So go ahead, give these a try if you're ready for them, done consistently they'll do an excellent job in building a stronger core in less time.


All the Best,



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