5 Ways to Improve Your Summer Workout Consistency


Is Summer Challenging to Stay Fit?

Here are 5 pointers to avoid getting out of shape, putting on unwanted body fat, and losing your hard earned muscle.


#1 Beat the heat and train earlier in the day

Summer days are often filled with friends, family, and enjoying the outdoors. And when the temperature really cranks up, the heat can be often energy draining.

If you want to avoid any mid day procrastination and beat the heat, try carving out time in the AM to train. Not only will your day feel much more productive, but it's a great way for many to build consistency during the Summer months.

#2 Create accountability

Need some extra accountability?

Connecting with someone or a group of people who shares similar goals can be a big key help for many.  Not only can they help you stay accountable, but visa versa, you can take the lead and help keep them on track.

Another good habit for accountability is scheduling your workouts in advance, multiple weeks ahead of time. Blocking that time in your schedule can go a long way with sticking to your training schedule.

#3 Make it short and sweet

When it comes to you progressing towards your goals, getting in a shorter, less intense workout is MUCH more beneficial then missing one. So go ahead, give yourself the green light to have an easier day anytime you aren't feeling 100%.

#4 Remember how it feels to start all over again

If you feel yourself loosing your mojo - take a minute and remember how it feels to start over again. Getting back on the wagon can be and uphill battle. Skip the frustration, aim to get moving one workout and food decision at a time. Another great exercise is re-visiting your goals, and taking some time to remind yourself on the main reason you want to change your health and fitness.  Keeping our 'Why', top of mind is a powerful tool to help make daily healthy, productive daily decisions.

#5 Ditch the motivation

One thing is for certain, motivation comes and goes for all us. Sometimes it's high, sometimes it's lower. But if we only ate healthy and exercised when we feel motivated, the reality is we would only probably train and eat well half of the time.

Solution? You guessed it, forget motivation and make a decision to get it done. Think less and move more is always a good plan.




Have a great one,



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