3 Ways to Get your Goals Back on Track

Have your goals hit a wall?

If you’re still going strong – that’s great to hear.

But if you’ve lost your mojo and are struggling with the grind, good news.

You can recharge your goals with a few key moves.

Here are 3 questions to ask yourself – along with 3 strategies to get back on track and feeling excited about your progress.

#1: Did you plan on how to overcome future setbacks?

One thing is for certain – life can often be a struggle.

An uphill battle that can easily sabotage your routine if you don’t have a plan for it.

In fact, this upcoming year is guaranteed to have some significant challenges for you (hopefully not to major of course).

When things are going well, motivation is high, optimism runs through us, and we feel capable of almost anything. But when the demands of life saps our energy, steals our time, and makes us feel out of control, our fitness and nutrition often suffer first.

Perhaps it’s more travel, bigger work demands, an injury?

Or maybe an extra busy kids schedule, or a family member who refuses to eat the way you’re trying to?


Expect future adversity, and decide to face things as best you can. Aim to be as proactive as possible and plan how you’re going to succeed during any upcoming road blocks.

Without a game plan to get through these situations successfully, even the best intentions won’t help. End result? Getting derailed, and waiting for the next motivation train to come by.

So how can we be proactive?

Maybe it means..

  • Bringing a healthy meal replacement shake on days you travel, instead of eating a greasy lunch
  • Opting for quicker workouts and letting go of the ‘all-or-nothing’ mentality when you’re short on time
  • Getting more rest by improving your sleep routine during higher stress times
  • Bringing a resistance band or a TRX when traveling in case the hotel has no gym
  • Getting professional guidance on how to train effectively while still injured

Our solutions are only limited by the questions we ask ourselves.

It’s easy to feel out of control and frustrated when things aren’t working out. But instead of letting it get the best of you, put yourself back in the drivers seat. Try asking yourself something like “how can I make the best of this?”

The ‘how can I move forward’ thinking is extremely powerful for making progress.

Going forward, what challenges can you foresee coming up?

Are there any challenges that have come up before that you can learn from?

The more proactive you can be the better when it comes to dealing with the inevitable adversity that the future holds.

#2. Are your goals too big or need more time?

Big goals can be a great thing.

Most people would never tell a young child they can’t achieve something when they’re all grown up, and the same should be true for our goals as adults.

But, setting big, ambitious goals can be a double edge sword.

Despite the best intentions, goal setting can often lead to creating unrealistic targets, that are too challenging, and/or aren’t achievable in the short time frame we set.

It’s easy to see how frustration can set in.

What can we do if our goals were accidentally too big to achieve?


Before setting a goal, try reverse engineering it and see if the rate of progress needed feels realistically achievable.

For example, say you want to run a 10k in 50:00 for a race in 10 weeks.

If you currently run a 10k in 60:00, that means you need to shave off 10:00 in 10 weeks, or 1:00 per week. With 3-4 strategically designed runs each week, that’s certainly a doable expectation for sure.

But what about loosing 20lbs in the next 5 weeks, or working out 5 days a week if you’re currently not training?

If you think about what needs to be done monthly, weekly and daily to achieve your big goal, you’ll get a much better sense of if what you need to do to get from point A to point B is realistic.

And if you bite off too much? Don’t abandon ship, cut yourself some slack and readjust your aim. Maybe you give yourself some more time, slightly lower your initial expectation, or treat your ‘big goal’ as one that is going to need a multiple phase game plan.

#3. Are you working on your inside game?

Whether we know it or not, everything we do is a direct reflection of who we believe we are.

Honest people won’t steal. Hard workers will put in the effort, and resilient people always find a way to bounce back.

For example, someone who takes great pride in their career, will probably be willing to sacrifice other areas of their life to make sure the job is done right, including their fitness.

Or someone who defines themselves as a mother or father, and regards that responsibility as the highest importance, will probably put their kids needs ahead of their own, even if it means letting their own health slide.

If you struggle with making your fitness and health goals a reality, try focusing less on the outcome goal you set, and more on your inside game.

So what’s holding you back from reaching your goals?

Is it…

Discipline, work ethic, consistency, time management, being resilient after setbacks?

We all have some holes in our game.

If you can ID the ones you have, in a non-judgemental way, you can then start to improve them. And more importantly, reshape who we believe you are.

What’s the easiest way to do this?


Positive thinking will only get you so far. You have to prove it to yourself through daily practice.

For example, maybe you feel you haven’t reached your goals yet because you don’t work hard enough. Instead of focusing on your main goal of say loosing 50lbs, focus on becoming a harder worker. Successfully do something slightly challenging each day. Do that enough times, and you start to prove to yourself that you are a hard worker

The key here is, it doesn’t have to be crazy hard, in fact make it easy enough that it’s challenging, yet consistently doable. With enough consistent practice, you’ll soon reshape the habits and identity that defines who you are.

Maybe it’s consistently..

  • Squeezing out a few more reps
  • Doing some cardio, even if you don’t feel like it
  • Never missing two workouts in a row
  • Making tomorrow’s lunch before resting for the night
  • Not letting your alarm clock win the morning

All these little decisions will add up in a big way..

Before long, you’ll transform who you believe you are, and what you’re capable of achieving. And as a result, your that much closer to achieving what’s important to you.

So if your struggling with making progress to your goals, give the above a good go, and start seeing the results you truly want.

And if you’re someone who’s tired of doing things on your own, and is ready for a personal fitness and nutrition game plan with on-going accountability, feel free check out our THRIVE Personal Coaching and see what’s possible.

Have a great one,