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“I am now in the best shape of my life because of Athletic One. I have always been active with various sports and gyms, but Reg and the team have helped me take my fitness to the next level. Since starting at the gym, I have seen significant improvements in endurance and strength in activities such as rock climbing, skiing and cycling.

Rachel Merrithew, Fredericton NB

The biggest way the training has helped my game is I have been able to blow by people down the wing, shoot harder and win more battles on the ice. I also have a faster swing, speed and arm strength when playing baseball.

Zach O'Hara, Fredericton NB

I can heartedly endorse this gym for many reasons. The training program is designed with the needs of each member in mind. There is always someone to help with a specific workout if needed and the coaching staff is truly passionate about what they are doing.


Willi Broeren, Fredericton NB

My program is specifically designed taking care of my needs and goals I want to achieve. I cannot be happier. I can see the transformation in my body and fitness level.

Anmol Zakhmi, Saint John, NB